Curfew, lockdown, Schools closed indefinitely, lots of time at home,new virtual friends, paused dreams, broken dreams, crisis, stress,uncertainty, the fear of tomorrow, press briefings, numbers, deaths,loneliness, broken relationships, new virtual relationships, longdistance relationships, unplanned pregnancy, no one to talk to.Life goes on, regardless. But sometimes seeking help is necessary.But having a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on and willing to seeyou through all of this is the best thing that can happen to anyoneduring such times.We got you. A lot of young people are always asking for placeswhere they can access youth friendly health services. Ease up, wegot you!

First, 1190 are always a call or a text away. These are professional counselors that will help you by listening without judging. They are young just like you, have gone through it, and will relate to your story. They will then give you all options you have and what they think is best for you. You also have time to think about it and make a decision at your own pace. No rush.

Second, we also have youth-friendly clinics around your hood where you can walk in and get professional advice. In short, you’re not alone. You’ll get through this.

What’s your experience? Share your story.

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